The Benefit of Being Listed On Voucher Code Sites

When you are running special promotions, the most important thing is to make sure that new about it reaches as many people as possible. The problem is that when you are discounting your products, you may often not have much of a budget left for extra promotion. If this is the case, there are a number of promotional methods which you can employ that are cost effective and even sometimes free, which will help in spading the word about any special offers that you are running.

Is Inclusion on a Voucher Code Site Beneficial?

If you have issued a voucher code as part of your campaign it is important that you try and get it listed on as many different websites as possible. Many of the larger ones will insist that you have an affiliate programme in place before they consider listing you, however there are a number of new voucher code sites such as which will be happy yo add your company free of charge if you get in touch with them. In return, sites like these will ask you to write a unique description of your store, possibly up to 500 words, but it is worth taking the time to do it as the results can be very positive.

The main benefit of getting yourself listed on voucher sites is that they often have a large subscriber base, as well as a loyal following on social media. People tend to come back every day looking for the latest deals, and if you are offering something that they want, you may find that your sales go through the roof. not only that but most of these sites have very responsive email lists and savvy subscribers who have signed up are always on the look out to save a bob or two.


Is It Worth Paying For Inclusion?

Without an affiliate programme, some of the larger sites may ask you to pay a fee for inclusion, and this can sometimes run into thousands of pounds. Although they do tend to have a larger number of subscribers, you need to ask yourself if your promotion is likely yo recoup this expense. Generally, your offer will only be featured on the home page for a week at the most, sometimes just one day, and if you do not get the exposure that you desire during that period, you may end up disappointed. Many experts in product marketing will recommend that you run your offer for a longer period if possible, in order to try and reach as many new customers as possible, although in reality, this is not always possible.

Should You Create an Affiliate Programme?

The other way to make sure that every voucher that you issue is listed on all of the main sites, is to create an affiliate programme through one of the main networks such as Awin, Webgains, Affilinet and Commission Junction. However, this is something that needs to be carefully considered, as it is likely to eat up a big proportion of your marketing budget. You do have some control in the amount of commission you will pay people who are promoting you, however, if you do not offer enough incentive, you are likely to find a that interest in promoting your company from publishers is not as great as it could be.

It is wise to take professional advice and speak to someone who has experience in the field of voucher promotion before you embark on it yourself, as mistakes can sometimes be costly. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements if you are considering taking this step in the future.