IAB Voucher Code Conduct

The IAB voucher code of conduct was launched in 2013 in an attempt to regulate the voucher industry. Before it’s arrival, many internet marketers were creating websites  using a ‘click to reveal’ system to display voucher codes to the public. However, a lot of the time, there were no active codes and the only point in them was to place a cookie on to the visitors computer in order to try and earn commission.

The code has three main objectives:

  • To ensure fair dealings amongst businesses which make use of vouchers as an affiliate marketing model.
  • To maintain consumer confidence in vouchers as a purchasing method
  • To provide advertisers with assurance of the channel’s transparency and control

In order to compy with the code of conduct, websites promoting voucher codes must only display active vouchers and make it clear to the user that the merchant website will be opened if ‘click to reveal’ is used.

Websites which flaunt these rules risk being suspended from affiliate networks which they are part of, and also may see commission which they have earned being witheld.

The State Of Play

These days, most websites which promote discount codes do follow the rules, however you may still occasionallyh come across one which is not fully compliant.  Often this is simply due to an oversite, and contacting the webmaster to inform them about it is usually the best course of action.  If reminding them about the rules does not do the trick, you next course of action may be to contact the IAB.

The internet marketing landscape is constantly changing, and it can often be difficult to keep up to date with all of the new rules and regulations, however, if you are a website owner, it is essential that you site complies with alll of the legislation required.

The Future

There is no doubt that voucher promotion is now firmly established as a primary channel for many marketers now, and this shows no sign of changing in the future. That is why it is essential that merchants and affiliates alike, make sure that they are fully in the know about how to issue and how to promote the deals that they offer.